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Tecnifibre Triax Natural String

Tecnifibre Triax Natural String

A Fusion of Control, Spin, Comfort, and Durability 🎾

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About this item


Welcome to the world of Triax, Tecnifibre's first-ever multifilament poly-fusion string. It is meticulously crafted to offer a blend of control, spin, comfort, and an outstanding level of durability, thanks to the innovative use of co-polyester material. Triax promises not just powerful play but also high levels of arm protection due to its Polyurethane HD composition. With 100% flexibility, this string offers comfort that matches the stiffness of polyester, giving you an exceptional gameplay experience.

Product Highlights:

  • Co-Polyester Material: First-ever in multifilaments for enhanced durability.
  • Made in France: Quality and performance assured.
  • PU HD Elasticity: 100% flexibility offers comfort to match polyester stiffness.
  • Polyamide Material: Offers tolerance for off-center hits.
  • S.P.L Coating: Anti-abrasion and ensures good "snap back" for more lift.
  • Newest Innovation: Developed in 2019 with the latest advancements.


  • Main Materials: Co-Polyester (T.P.I), Polyamide, Polyurethane HD
  • Coating: S.P.L for added resistance and "snap back"
  • Elasticity: 100% flexibility with PU HD
  • Type of String: Multifilament Poly-fusion
  • Packaging: Garniture 12m

Why Choose Tecnifibre Triax Natural String?

  1. Durability: First-ever use of co-polyester in multifilaments.
  2. Comfort: 100% elasticity offers a soft feel.
  3. High Spin Potential: S.P.L coating provides excellent "snap back."
  4. Latest Innovation: Developed in 2019 with the most recent technology.
  5. Made in France: A guarantee of quality and performance.

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