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Tecnifibre TGV String in Natural

Tecnifibre TGV String in Natural

Unparalleled Comfort and Durability 🎾

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About this item


The Tecnifibre TGV String in Natural sets a new standard for both comfort and durability. Made in France, this "Pure Multifilament" string features a construction of more than 1200 polyamide microfilaments, providing unmatched comfort and resistance. With a 400% elasticity offered by PU 400, you will experience dynamic play and exceptional comfort. The string also includes polyamide fibers, which ensure elasticity and a unique ball feel while providing tolerance for off-center hits. An exclusive S.P.L. anti-abrasion coating further enhances durability. Sold by French specialists as the reference in terms of comfort and durability, the TGV is a standout product.

Product Highlights:

  • Extreme Comfort: Designed as the most comfortable "Pure Multifilament."
  • High Durability: Engineered for resistance using over 1200 polyamide microfilaments.
  • Made in France: Quality and performance guaranteed.
  • PU 400 Elasticity: 400% elasticity for superior comfort and dynamic performance.
  • Polyamide Fibers: Guarantee elasticity and great ball feel.
  • S.P.L Final Coating: Anti-abrasion surface treatment for added durability.
  • French Best Seller: Recognized as the reference for comfort and durability by French specialists.


  • Main Materials: Polyamide fibers impregnated with 400 polyurethane.
  • Exceptional Elasticity: 400% elasticity due to PU 400.
  • High Durability: S.P.L final coating adds resistance.
  • Gauge: 1.25 for comfort and maximum power.
  • Packaging: Garniture 12m

Why Choose Tecnifibre TGV String in Natural?

  1. Unmatched Comfort: The highest level of comfort among "Pure Multifilaments."
  2. Durability: S.P.L anti-abrasion coating ensures long-lasting play.
  3. High Elasticity: 400% elasticity offers dynamic performance and comfort.
  4. Made in France: A seal of quality and exceptional performance.
  5. French Best Seller: Trusted and recommended by specialists for its comfort and durability.

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