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Tecnifibre Players Pro Feel Pack 3 White

Tecnifibre Players Pro Feel Pack 3 White

The Overgrip for Unmatched Comfort and Absorption

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About this item


Say goodbye to uncomfortable grips and slippery rackets. The Players Pro Feel Pack 3 Overgrip boasts Hydrocell technology for rapid sweat absorption—up to 5 times faster than standard overgrips. Whether you're a casual player or gearing up for a tournament, these grips offer a natural, comfortable feel that will elevate your game.

Product Highlights:

  • Fast Absorption: Equipped with Hydrocell technology for up to 5x faster sweat absorption compared to standard overgrips.
  • Natural Feel: Designed to provide a comfortable, tactile grip that feels like an extension of your hand.
  • Convenient Pack: Comes in a pack of 3, ideal for casual players or those new to the game.


  1. Absorbency Level: Advanced Hydrocell technology for ultra-fast sweat absorption.
  2. Comfort: Designed for a natural grip feel for enhanced comfort during play.
  3. Quantity: Convenient 3-pack for immediate use and replacements.
  4. Colors: White

Why Choose Players Pro Feel Pack 3 Overgrip?

  1. Rapid Moisture Management: Hydrocell technology ensures quick sweat absorption for a secure grip.
  2. Superior Comfort: A natural feel that enhances your connection with the racket.
  3. Practical Pack: The 3-pack offers immediate utility and value.
  4. Ideal for All Players: Suits a range of skill levels and play styles.

5 Thoughtfully Designed Pockets: Everything has a place.

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