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Tecnifibre Multifeel String Reel Natural - 660

Tecnifibre Multifeel String Reel Natural - 660

Experience Comfort and Control 🎾

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About this item


Introducing the Tecnifibre Multifeel String Reel in Natural, now featuring a sleeker, crisper feel while retaining its much-loved comfort and control. Enhanced with an abrasion-resistant coating, it's one of the most durable options for a soft string. Available in both 17g and 16g options, choose the one that fits your needs for spin, feel, and durability.

Product Highlights:

  • Unparalleled Comfort: Arm-friendly filaments for a gentler touch.
  • Enhanced Control: More precision and predictability than the original Multifeel.
  • Impressive Durability: Abrasion-resistant coating for extended lifespan.
  • Crisp Feel: Delivers a more tactile response.
  • Bulk Packaging: 660-foot reel suitable for hybrid stringing or multiple restringing.


  • Composition: Solid Core made up of 985 Composite Multifilaments (60% of total volume) surrounding one Central Monofilament (20%), immersed in Polyurethane (20%). Further enhanced with an Anti-Abrasion Coating of Silicone Pyrogene Lubritec.
  • Gauge Options: 17/1.25mm or 16/1.30mm
  • Reel Length: 660ft/200m

Why Choose Tecnifibre Multifeel String Reel?

  1. Arm Comfort: Designed to be gentle on your arm while playing.
  2. Enhanced Control: A step above the original Multifeel in terms of precision.
  3. High Durability: Enhanced lifespan thanks to its abrasion-resistant coating.
  4. Gauge Flexibility: Choose between 17g for more spin and feel, or 16g for more durability.
  5. Economical: The 660-foot reel is great for frequent restringing or hybrid string setups.

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